My name is Ryan Reid, and I’m a Canadian illustrator and designer.

Since 1998, I’ve designed editorial illustrations, comic art, 1000s of icons, and visual interactions for mobile, web and desktop applications.

I grew up on an apple farm in rural Ontario, memories of which frequently find their way into my illustrations and stories. I have worked in no fewer than 3 commercial kitchens, and even spent a summer in western Canada selling coupons door-to-door. I eventually devoted 3 years to studying design at Algonquin College in Ottawa, probably the smartest and most forward thinking thing I’d done up to that point.

Following school, I worked for a couple tech companies designing icon systems, and visual interaction designs for business analytics software.

I currently live and work in Carrying Place, Ontario, with my lovely wife and our 3 nutty children. Despite my numerous arguments against, we have also acquired a cat.