Product: Picture Book

My Role: Designer, Illustrator, Writer

WRENCHED is the story of Willa, a young down-on-her-luck inventor, who discovers her tools are being stolen from her farmyard workshop by a mysterious thief. She sets out to unmask the sneaky crook, and recover her missing tools. Along the way, she is outsmarted, makes mistakes, sends a rocket into space, and rediscovers her creative confidence.

This picture book is aimed at older readers, and clocks in at 547 words. There are STEM undertones, with Willa involved in rockets, robotic hands, and even video surveillance, so there may be an appeal by kids, parents and teachers interested in science and tech. This is the book I want to read to my three girls – a strong girl lead, it’s unobtrusively techy, silly, and increasingly ridiculous.

WRENCHED is currently looking for a publisher. Publishers and literary agents interested in previewing the entire book can email me at hello at for a link to the full book in PDF.

Sample Pages